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Please find parking around our office or on the street. Remember we do not offer parking and Macy's charges for parking lot.

When you arrive we are located in the Bloc square. If you are facing Macy's our entrance in on the right

San Bernardino office

Walk next to where the UNIQLO store is. Our entrance is directly to the left.

San Bernardino office

Please enter and register with the security personnel in the lobby. They will give you access to the elevator for the 29th floor.

SB out

When you get out of the elevator, you'll see our offices open to either your right or left side depending on which elevator you see.

If you need help finding us, call us at (213) 995-6655

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About us

Our goal is to help immigrants to obtain legal status in the United States offering them a unique and carefully elaborated plan in immigration.

We provide the best legal strategies, we carry out high quality work and We build a lasting relationship with our clients.

Our buffet is dedicated to changing the lives of all immigrants in the United States, joining families throughout the country.We bring dignity to working people whose lives, culture and work strengthen the United States.

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The main advantage of our firm is the vast experience I have as a former ICE prosecutor which gives me an insider's perspective on how laws are enforced and created

This knowledge is a key help in navigation the complicated immigration system as an immigrant